Oct 15 2017 - The Murphys Creek Chilli Festival!

The Murphys Creek Chilli Festival is a community event celebrating flavour & fire.

Sunday, October 15

10-5pm. Free event. Bar opens 11am

There’s no better place to satisfy your craving for flavour and fire. You can sample everything from chilli chocolate to mild and savoury sauces & chutneys. Buy hot, spicy food & loaded slushies to cool down! Enjoy inside and outside free entertainment throughout the day. Hourly raffle draws and kids activities. A fun family day out for all! An easy day trip from Brisbane.


Enter the chilli chocolate challenge. DAREYOU!? A death warrant will need to be signed to enter. 2pm, where contestants vie for the fiery award, if they can stand the heat. Reaching for milk means you’re out!

Seatonfire are dipping a range of chilli's that increase in heat, there’s a chilli chocolate cricket crackle (yes, real crickets from Bugsy Bros) and if anyone still standing, a speed eating hot chilli comp to decide the winner.


The Murphys Creek Rural Fire Brigade will be on hand if you eat too much chilli!

All proceeds to Rotary to help the Tasmanian flood survivors of June 2016, in response for their generous donation of the Murphys Creek Community Centre after the 2011 flood disaster.


Main sponsor - Seatonfire Chilli Chocolate.


Attending are an array of chilli producers, plated food vendors, coffee plus a new skincare brand Chilli Choc Bod.


Stalls: Seatonfire Chilli & Chocolate. Cobra Chilli, The Chilli Addiction, The Chilli Effect, Bunnyconnellen, Suncoast Limes, Emmo's Cheese, Gecko Grove Fine Foods, Mr. Organic, to name a few.


Plated food: Mexican Chilli hot dogs, Jamaican jerk, Pizza, Chinese, Vietnamese, Gelato, Icy poles, soft serve ++


Bar serving ice cold beer & loaded slushies opens at 11.


Every exhibitor will have at least 1 chilli offering under $10 and there's plenty of non chilli options for all to enjoy.


Talks from experts on organic growing, chilli growing, fire safety, magician and horse & cart rides (for everyone)


Highlight - The Chilli Chocolate Challenge!

For immediate release



Jason O’Connor. Festival Director 0403320427

Event address -  Jessie Lane, Murphys Creek. Qld. 4532