Our Name

Lynne, our chilli chocolatier's maiden name is Seaton and with a fire breathing dragon part of our Seaton family crest, it all made sense to use that as the Seatonfire logo! We are proud to have an increasing loyal band of customers nationally and globally buying Seatonfire. Yes we send all over the world, please contact us for a quote outside Australia chilli@seatonfire.com. Subscribe below to receive exclusive discounts

We again sponsored the charity Chinderah Chilli Festival 2.3.19 with the Famous Chilli Chocolate Challenge, a Fun, Fiery Free event helping raise 2.2k for local charities. The next events we sponsor are Sydney Chilli Festival 8.9.19 & Murphys Creek Chilli Festival 13.10.19, sign up to our newsletter to be informed.

Seductive, sensual and satisfying. Seatonfire is Australia’s only quality chilli chocolate. Intrigued about our new lip plumping balm? HOTLIP is here, no more fillers needed!!!

Seatonfire founders - Lynne Seaton-Anderson and Jason L. O'Connor

Seatonfire is Australia's Premium Private Label Chilli Chocolate company, founded by mother and son team Lynne Seaton-Anderson & Jason L. O'Connor.

Seatonfire's Chocolate

Seatonfire’s boutique operation blends chilli it grows using organic methods and internationally superior chocolate. The chocolate is grown in Madagascar, conched in Belgium, and tempered on our farm in the Lockyer Valley. Our farm is where we lovingly grow our chilli, and pick and process them by hand.

Chilli and chocolate together is a blend made in luxury heaven. Every chocolate bar is then moulded and wrapped by hand. The result is luxury chilli chocolate. There is no other company in the world that does this, from paddock to product. 

There is no added sugar, no artificial colours, and no artificial flavours in our chocolate. All our chocolate is gluten free, and which makes Seatonfire chilli chocolate a healthy food, and helping it is gain a reputation as a superfood. 


Our Bars

Combining our hand grown chilli and the world's best chocolate, we have produced a range of flavours for you to enjoy. We firmly believe that food is not just something to eat; it is something to enjoy, and tells stories. Food reminds us of places, journeys, and friendships.

Seatonfire currently has eight different bars available through our online store, to be shipped anywhere in the world.

I could not put it down!
— Brian Brown, Actor

The Fire Range

Our customers have told us they want to try new flavours, and we love taking people of food journeys. Therefore, we started our Fire range. Fire is our small run and one-off chocolate collection. These are all available through our shop. And if you would like a small custom run, contact Jason to see how Seatonfire can work with you to create your flavours.


Drinking Chocolate

Chocolate was, for a long time, only consumed in South America. When it came to Europe, its consumption changed. At Seatonfire, we are delighted to offer our Drinking Fondue. This powder is made with the finest French milled cocoa, with cinnamon & a small amount of chilli. It is incredibly versatile and can be used for hot chocolate, a mousse, or chicken mole. And if you are looking for a new drink for your friends, how about shaking up a Chilli Choctini? Check our recipe section as we add more food journeys on which you can join us.